A Frontier Without Borders

frontier-farewell-blogWhere is the West and what defines it? Great questions that historians love to debate and have yet to be definitively answered. A recent released new edition of Garrett Wilson’s Frontier Farewell: The 1870s and the End of the Old West (University of Regina Press, $34.95) stokes the fires of the debate with a perspective from Western Canada versus the traditional Western United States. Wilson’s research and conclusions clearly demonstrate that the history of the West is a North American story, not just an American story. Extremely well-researched with an excellent bibliography and detailed endnotes, Wilson’s Frontier Farewell is must reading for students of the West seeking a greater understanding on the borderless nature of Western history.

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Stuart Rosebrook

As senior editor of True West Magazine, Stuart Rosebrook oversees all editorial covering Old West travel, firearms and books. He has a Ph.D in U.S. History from Arizona State University, and he owns a multimedia communications business, Quo Vadis Communications, based in Iowa City, Iowa.