A Grave Discovery Billy Dixon burial site located in another part of Texas.


When Ronnie Atnip returned on another field trip, he was drawn to the Sears-Doss Cemetery located near the Hardin farm. To his surprise, Atnip found the headstone for Billy Dixon’s grave. Billy was killed as a teenager in 1868 during the post-Civil War Lee-Peacock feud.

Hardin historians believed Billy was buried in another area of Texas…until Atnip solved the mystery. In the above photo, he stands with one of those historians, Chuck Parsons (at left), at Billy’s grave.

Billy and brother Simp were said to be John Wesley Hardin’s cousins, according to the gunfighter’s autobiography. But his statement has been proven false, with no known link to his mother’s Dixon family. Although beyond proving today, Hardin is suspected to be among the men who killed Billy’s murderer, Unionist Lewis Peacock.

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