A Saga of Bloody Kansas (Five Star, $25.95)

Kansas-Bleeds-by-Melody-GrovesMelody Groves continues her award-winning Colton Brothers Saga in Kansas Bleed, putting the brothers in the middle of Bloody Kansas.  When fiery Luke Colton signs up with Quantrill’s Raiders, it creates a deep rift in the Colton family, pitting Jayhawkers against Bushwhackers.

The culmination arrives squarely in the famed raid on Lawrenceburg, Kansas, with Luke’s life in danger.  Groves writes historical fiction like she has lived it.  Her prose is deep with emotion, and the action unrelenting.  Justified or not, every family saga until the end of time will stand in the shadow of Louis L’Amour’s “Sacketts”—but Melody Groves’s Colton Brothers Saga has the potential to stand in a light all its own.

–Larry D. Sweazy, author of Vengeance at Sundown

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