A Shallow Faith Tombstone’s first priest strayed from the path.

Sacred Heart Church Tombstone Priest Emanuel Schneider True West Magazine
Sacred Heart Church.

Father Emanuel Schneider became the first priest at Tombstone’s Sacred Heart Church in January 1881.  He lasted just six months—probably because he was a bit loose on his beliefs.

Prior to Tombstone, the German native had also been an Episcopal and a Methodist, both after becoming a priest.  And after he left Sacred Heart, Schneider moved to Kansas City and became a free thought, agnostic preacher.

He also married the laundress who lived next door. But in the years after, Fr. Schneider would be allowed to resume his work as a priest.

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Mark Boardman

Mark Boardman is the features editor for True West Magazine as well as the editor of The Tombstone Epitaph. He also serves as pastor for Poplar Grove United Methodist Church in Indiana.