“Ain’t Suited for the Government” A gunfighter had to give up his Quaker roots.

Commodore Perry Owens True West Magazine
Commodore Perry Owens.

Commodore Perry Owens is best known for killing three men in a Holbrook, AZ gunfight
in 1887.

He reportedly had a number of additional notches on his gun handle. That might seem a bit odd, for Owens brought up in a Quaker family in Central Indiana. And the Friends are people of peace and nonviolence.

Owens himself explained the conundrum in an 1894 interview with the Indianapolis News: “I was raised a Quaker, but out here, you see, a man can’t work at that. It ain’t suited to the Arizona climate.”

Do you know anything about lawman Commodore Perry Owens and his missing loot?