Almost A Western: The Streets of Laredo

how-the-west-was-wonScreen icons John Wayne, Henry Fonda and James Stewart all appeared together in just one film:  1962’s How the West Was Won, although none of them was onscreen at the same time as any of the others.

But there was another attempt to bring them together.  In 1973, Peter Bogdanovich collaborated with Larry McMurtry on a screenplay called The Streets of Laredo, intending for Wayne, Fonda and Stewart to star.  The Western was never made, in part because The Duke turned it down.  McMurtry later re-crafted it into the legendary Lonesome Dove.


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Mark Boardman

Mark Boardman is the features editor for True West Magazine, a former managing editor for Western Shooting Horse Magazine and the chief purveyor of ScarletMask Enterprises.