Who was Arizona Territory’s most Notorious Outlaw?

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Who was Arizona Territory’s most notorious outlaw?

Edwin Smith
Phoenix, Arizona

That’s a tough one.

Some of the most famous, including John Ringo, were more myth than real. “Curly Bill” Brocius’s reputation, like Ringo’s, is overinflated—but he was the well-known leader of the Cow-boy faction in Cochise County.

Other notorious outlaws in their day included Augustine Chacon, a cold-blooded killer who came along a few years after the O.K. Corral gunfight, and Bill Smith, whose 1890s gang robbed, rustled and got into gunfights.

Augustine Chacon True West Magazine
Captured during a gunfight after an 1895 robbery in Morenci, Arizona Territory, during which he killed a posse member, Augustine Chacon escaped, but got caught again, and finally was hanged (above) on November 14, 1902.
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But the bottom line: some of those who are notorious today were often not nearly so famous (or dangerous) in their own times.

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