“Big Boy” Guinn Williams

big boy guinn williams true west

Actor Guinn Williams carried the nickname of “Big Boy” due to his 6’2” frame.  The native Texan and experienced cowboy got his Hollywood start in 1919 when he was 20 years old, mostly serving as a stuntman.  But a friendship with Will Rogers got him bigger roles in the silent and talkies.

He usually played good-hearted but somewhat dim sidekicks in Westerns like “Dodge City” and “Santa Fe Trail” (both with pal Erroll Flynn) and “The Alamo” and “The Comancheros” (with John Wayne). At one point, Williams was also one of the top polo players in the world.

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Mark Boardman

Mark Boardman is the features editor for True West Magazine, a former managing editor for Western Shooting Horse Magazine and the chief purveyor of ScarletMask Enterprises.