Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War Gayle Martin, Wheatmark, $14.95, Softcover.

Gayle Martin, Wheatmark, $14.95, Softcover.
Gayle Martin, Wheatmark, $14.95, Softcover.

Ages 9-12: Luke and Jenny Bartlett are vacationing in Lincoln, New Mexico, with their mom while Dad is on duty in Iraq. Suddenly, the ghost of a buffalo soldier appears, and he walks the siblings through treacherous events and introduces them to characters of the Lincoln County War of the 1870s. The kids observe the life story of Billy the Kid and witness travesties of justice, broken treaties and the tenuous value of life on the frontier. The story never connects the historical range war to the war their dad is fighting, but Luke and Jenny are fully engaged in witnessing history. This book was a 2007 finalist for the Indie Award for Excellence.

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