Bitter Wind Wayne D. Overholser, Five Star, $25.95, Hardcover; 800-877-4253.

bitter-windDisillusioned, Bill Lang rides away from a land-grabbing range war, but death dogs him after he downs a brash gunman in a Cheyenne saloon.

Drygulched by the loser’s clan, he is saved by the rifle of hard-headed Jake Murdock. A small rancher with big ambitions, Jake lives with Ellie, a beautiful mixed-blood, who Jake says he’ll send back to the Sioux when he marries. Bill silently vows that will never happen. After Jake brings a wife home, Bill takes Ellie to a new town and becomes sheriff. Yet Ellie refuses to marry him until Jake’s baby is born. Young, dark-skinned Mick grows up fast. With another range war looming, Bill chooses the homesteaders’ side while Mick rides for Jake’s cattlemen. In telling this riveting story, Overholser handles the near insoluble questions of the Western Half Breed with great understanding.—Bill Garwood

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