Butch Cassidy Rides Again (Kensington, $25)


William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone’s Butch Cassidy: The Final Years has the outlaw returning to the United States after the alleged shoot-out with Bolivian soldiers and settling in on a ranch in Texas.

Employing a well-worn but effective literary device, Cassidy relates the events of the previous two decades to a Pinkerton detective who tracked him down. Circumstances have Cassidy, using the alias Jim Strickland, relying on what he does best: robbing trains. This time around, he recruits a new Wild Bunch and relieves the railroad of its express money, all for a good cause. The Final Years is a cracking good story with compelling characters and a tense plot that unfolds at breakneck speed.

W.C. Jameson, author of Butch Cassidy: Beyond the Grave

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