Can you tell me something about the comic book hero Kid Colt?

Can you tell me something about the comic book hero Kid Colt?

Dan Clutter

Denison, Iowa

Kid Colt was a 1950s Marvel Comic hero. His real name was Blaine Colt, and he wore a red shirt with a black-and-white, Pinto-style vest. His horse’s name was Steel.

The first Kid Colt comic book came out in August 1948. Kid Colt became an outlaw after he killed a bad guy who’d murdered his pa. It was a fair fight, but circumstances forced him to become a fugitive. Deep down we all knew he wasn’t really an outlaw, because he kept rescuing beautiful women from a fate worse than death.

He appeared in other comics during the 1950s, including the All-Western Winners, Two-Gun Western and Gunsmoke Western series.

Kid Colt made a comeback in the late 1960s and early 1970s with Two-Gun Kid and the Rawhide Kid in the Mighty Marvel Series. He was also in the Giant-Size Kid Colt reprint series. The Kid Colt signature series ended in April 1979 after 229 issues.

He was revived in 2000, but the four-issue series Blaze of Glory was more of a caricature of the originals. Writer John Ostrander and artist Leonardo Manco killed off Kid Colt in the last issue.

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Marshall Trimble

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