Cheyenne Warner Home Video; $39.98

cheyeneTelevision Westerns crossed the line from adolescents to adults in September 1955, when Gunsmoke, The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp and Cheyenne all premiered.

Cheyenne also made Warner Brothers a serious TV production house and helped to legitimize ABC as a network. The hour-long show starred former Vegas bouncer Clint Walker as Cheyenne Bodie, a 6’6” hunka hunka cowpoke with a Gregory Peck voice who rarely got through an episode without taking off his shirt. Bodie often changed jobs, which meant he could be dropped into a lot of refitted Warner movie plots, including The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, with a handful of Mescalero Apaches in place of the great, grinning Alfonso Bedoya and his band of creepy banditos. The five-disc set covers the first season, in black and white, and has a brief interview with  Walker.

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