Unforgiving Frontier Review of D. László Conhaim's Comanche Captive.

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Comanche Captive by D. László Conhaim.

Laura Little’s escape from a Texas Sanitarium for the Curable and Incurable in a fast-paced prologue is a brilliant introduction to her determination and courage.  When she departs through an open window, she leaves the office of the sanitarium’s director a shambles behind her.  The director himself is lying facedown on the floor, his wrists bound with shoelaces.  A rolled up pair of socks stuffed into his mouth stifle his cries for help. With Comanche Captive (Five Star Publishing, $25.95), author D. László Conhaim makes the unusual choice of telling the story of a woman’s resolute quest after she is taken from the band of Indians who had captured her. With drama, humor, and vivid detail, he creates an unflinching view of the harsh complexities of life on the frontier. 

Lucia St. Clair Robson, author of  Ride the Wind.

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