Cowboy Lingo


To the Arizona cowboy, language has always meant imaginative mangling. Something isn’t just loud, it’s noisy as a fog horn in a funeral parlor. A man isn’t lazy, he just always seems to be sittin’ on the south side of his pants. Nobody is merely blind, they’re blind as a rattler in August. You don’t call someone a coward, you say he’s all gurgle and no guts. Your pal is more than brave, he’s got sand, and if you want to know how much, he’ll fight a rattler and give him first bite. And buckshot means burying every time. Are these accurate?
Right as rain.

What do you think?

Bob Boze Bell

In 1999, Bob Boze Bell and partners bought True West magazine (published since 1953) and moved the editorial offices to Cave Creek, Arizona. Bell has published and illustrated books on Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, as well as Classic Gunfights, an Old West gunfight book series. His latest books are The 66 Kid and True West Moments.