Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway (Nonfiction) Kirk Johnson and Ray Troll (Fulcrum Publishing, $29.95), SOFTCOVER.

By Kirk Johnson and Ray Troll
By Kirk Johnson and Ray Troll

The authors have a great sense of humor for their passion, which is to be admired.

Anyone who travels the country in search of rock formations, fossils and the like has to have a sense of humor. And that’s the main point of this book. With the light-hearted prose, the colorful, often comical drawings and the oh-so-easy maps and diagrams, this book will make anyone want to go on a fossil hunt. Through their travels, the authors detail discoveries such as small-town museums with paleontological exhibits, rock quarries that have revealed fossilized bones and dinosaur track sites. The book is a fun approach to the hobby of fossil finding. With a little effort, it only takes knowing what to look for to find them. I’m ready to go have a look.

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