Texas Desperado Review of Jim Coffey, Russell M. Drake, and John T. Barnett's, Graham Barnett: A Dangerous Man.

Graham Barnett A Dangerous Man True West
Graham Barnett: A Dangerous Man by Jim Coffey, Russell M. Drake, and John T. Barnett.

Graham Barnett (1890-1931) was a Texas lawman, a gunfighter, a drunk and a dangerous man. 

His story is entwined in the Mexican Revolution along the Texas border, Prohibition and the early-day oil boom.  It is a tale of violence, sadness and human weaknesses, but, above all, it is a story of the waning years of the American frontier.

Graham Barnett A Dangerous Man True West
In 1915, Graham Barnett was assigned to Texas Ranger Company B, which, according to the authors of Graham Barnett: A Dangerous Man, gained a notorious reputation in the border town while serving in support of the U.S. Army during the Mexican Revolution.
— Courtesy Library of Congress —

In Graham Barnett: A Dangerous Man (University of North Texas Press, $29.95), my old friend Jim Coffey and his colleagues, Russell M. Drake and John T. Barnett, tell Barnett’s story in an interesting, informative, even-handed manner. 

I can assure you that Barnett’s stories are still told around the campfires and cafes of this Texas country that is west of the Pecos.

Jim Wilson, a retired Texas peace officer, a former Texas sheriff and a lifelong student of Western history.

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