Elmore Leonard Rides Again

Elmore Leonard book cover

For fans of Elmore Leonard, William Morrow has published a collection of the Michigan author’s short stories Charlie Martz and Other Stories: The Unpublished Stories. While aficionados of Leonard may recognize some characters, like the aging lawman Charlie Martz and the weary former matador Eladio Montoya, the selection of stories provides readers with a greater understanding of Leonard’s diverse characters, plots and locations. In fact, the diversity of locales, in his stories is so diverse, from New Mexico to Kuala Lumpur, from Michigan to Spain, his collection is comparable to an omnibus of his witty, well-traveled British counterpart, Graham Greene. They will also inspire readers to want to read more of Leonard’s short stories, which I recommend, including The Complete Western Stories of Elmore Leonard and Fire in the Hole and other Stories. Fore more information or to order a copy go to HarperCollins website HC.com.

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