Equitrekking: Travel Adventures on Horseback (Nonfiction) Darley Newman, Chronicle Books, $27.50, Softcover.

Darley Newman, Chronicle Books, $27.50, Softcover.
Darley Newman, Chronicle Books, $27.50, Softcover.

A companion to her public television series Equitrekking, Darley Newman’s book takes you to more than a dozen of the world’s best riding destinations. Whether she is traversing the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, galloping along the beaches of Ireland, chasing wild mustangs through Wyoming’s wilderness or riding the Andalusian horses of Spain, Newman’s prose and first-rate photography throughout the book is captivating. Experiencing the history, culture and scenery of three countries and portions of the United States with excellent equestrian Darley Newman is truly a travel adventure of a lifetime.

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Steve Shaw

Steve and Marcie Shaw developed Great American Adventures in 1998, offering steamboat cruises, train rides and history-based horseback rides. A former B-52 navigation instructor and a retiree from the automotive industry, Steve is a member of Western Writers of America and the Single Action Shooting Society, and the author of Beyond the Rio Grande. He has appeared on History Channel’s Wild West Tech and on A&E’s Biography. Visit Great-American-Adventures.com or call 505-286-4585 to find out more about his adventures.