The Farrington Brothers’ Short-Lived Outlaw Career

farrington Brothers true west

The Farrington brothers were fairly typical outlaws, former Confederate soldiers who turned to crime after the war.  They robbed a train in their native Tennessee on October 21, 1871.  Both were dead within a few months.

Pinkerton agents arrested Hillary Farrington in Kentucky (photo) and were transporting him by steamboat. Farrington tried to escape, fighting William Pinkerton before falling overboard and being crushed in the paddle wheel. Vigilantes took care of Levi Farrington, who was being held in a Tennessee hotel.  Reportedly, the outlaw was shot 30 times by the mob.

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Mark Boardman

Mark Boardman is the features editor for True West Magazine as well as the editor of The Tombstone Epitaph. He also serves as pastor for Poplar Grove United Methodist Church in Indiana.