Fastway Lives Up To Its Name

Fastway Zip Breakaway Cable
Fastway Zip Breakaway Cable
Making simple tasks easier has always been something people who haul their horses always look for in trailering. When it comes to the chores of hooking up the bumper pull, manually jacking it up and down, after you first line it up correctly, can sometimes be, well, a pain!

Fastway has developed several new products that will make this routine necessity a little easier.

The Fastway Flip is an automatic jack foot that eliminates the need for hauling a block of wood around to give you that little extension. Instead the Fastway Flip jack foot attaches permanently to the bottom of your jack’s existing foot tube. As you extend your jack, the Flip jack foot extends down, and locks into place. When you raise your jack, the Flip jack foot automatically tucks up under the frame and out of the way.

It makes for less cranking and the elimination for the need of a wood block.
For hooking up the lights, the Fastway Zip breakaway cable & switch system is designed not to drag. It keeps the cable up off the ground and out of harm’s way while you’re towing. And when you’re not towing, the cable easily clips to itself and stays out of the way, instead of dangling all over the front of the trailer.

The Fastway Zip breakaway cables come in 4 different options. You can order it as a complete cable and switch, or a universal replacement cable only in either a 4’ or 6’ length.

Finally the company offers the Fastway ONEstep wheel chock. The ONEstep chock is fast and easy to use tandem axle wheel chock. To place the chock, simply slide it into place and step down. No bending or kneeling required.  When you’re ready to go, just pull up on the cable handle, and the ONEstep chock pulls right out.

Fastway provide a tidy way to keep the basic elements of trailering in an easy to use compact and convenient package that make such tasks just that much easier.


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