Following the Royal Road Hal Jackson, University of New Mexico Press, $19.95, Softcover; 800-249-7737.

followingroyalrdFrom San Juan Pueblo, in present-day New Mexico, to Mexico City, Mexico, the Royal Road (El Camino Real) ran 1,500 miles through some of the most treacherous landscape on the North American continent.

Completed in 1598, the road carried conquistadors, padres, soldiers, pioneers and merchants to and from Mexico City to the outposts of colonial Spain. More than 400 years later, we can follow the trail using this informative travel guide. It weaves maps, history, eyewitness anecdotes, photographs and locations of the remaining landmarks. What a great trip for RVers or families wanting a more intriguing vacation than one filled with just swimming pools and golf courses. —Cynthia Green

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