Forrest Fenn’s Other Treasure Rarely Published Historical Photos

forrest-fenn-treasure-rare-photosIn the early 1980s, Forrest Fenn, who recently enticed our readers to seek out his million-dollar treasure, bought Joseph Henry Sharp’s estate, including the cabin the artist had built at the foot of the Little Big Horn battleground in 1901.

It was the headquarters, in 1926, for the 50th reunion of that famous battle. Most of the still-living warriors and troopers signed the guest register in the cabin, which now resides in a place of honor at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming. Also in the estate were about 2,800 photos and nitrate negatives that the artist had taken for the purpose of painting what he called the “faces of a fast vanishing race.” Shared on these pages are Fenn’s stories of a few of those photographs.

—The Editors

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