Frontier Reveille Sound the Trumpet, Beat the Drums: Horse-Mounted Bands of the U.S. Army by Bruce P. Gleason

sound the trumpet beat the drums true west

In Sound the Trumpet, Beat the Drums (University of Oklahoma Press, $32.95), Bruce Gleason has produced an excellent volume on the history of mounted bands in American history, and much more. Professor Gleason provides excellent background on mounted bands in antiquity, giving  important context to the developing military music story from the American Revolution to World War II. I recommend the well researched, well written Sound the Trumpet for the music historian and readers interested in music and the military, especially in the American West. Gleason’s narrative contributes to our knowledge of instrumentation, performance, music portfolio, band logistics, support of military operations and the role of bands in the American military experience. I hope there is a sequel in the works for the post-World War II military band.

Vernon L. Williams, professor of history Abilene Christian University

illinois cavalry band brownsville true west
In Sound the Trumpet, Beat the Drums, Bruce P. Gleason recounts the role of the U.S. Army mounted bands from the American Revolution to World War II, including the 1st Illinois Cavalry Band (above).
– Courtesy Bruce P. Gleason Collection –

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