Wild, Wild West

Grant Conspiracy book cover

Screenwriter and author Lee Martin’s latest novel, The Grant Conspiracy: Wake of the Civil War is ready-made for adaptation for the silver-screen or television with a Robert Conrad cameo a requirement for production. Martin’s history tale of a planned assassination attempt against former President Ulysses S. Grant is ready for central casting and a sequel. In the meantime, during this presidential season of politics, order a copy of Martin’s frolicking Western tale with a great cast of characters, including the war-hero-turned lawyer Matt Tyler, and femme-fatale newspaperwoman Jennifer White and ex-Confederates out for revenge. Martin, who has published 17 Westerns with Avalon and one by Five Star, self-published The Grant Conspiracy and is selling it through Amazon.com. For more information on Martin’s career and publishing history, visit his website: LeeMartin-Screenwriter.com.

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