Honest Horses Paula Morin, University of Nevada Press, $24.95, Softcover; 877-682-6657.

honest-horsesIn 1999, the U.S. Forest Service and the National Endowment for the Arts awarded Paula Morin a grant to research the impact of wild horses in the desert that compete for the scant resources of a drought-parched West.

Morin spent two years interviewing 62 people who know the mustangs best: veterinarians, range scientists, agents of the federal Bureau of Land Management and even cowboy poets. They reveal how to best care for these horses while being respectful stewards of the land. Most importantly, they share intimate reasons why we should care for these bands of mustangs that run free in the Great Basin, a place that Morin lovingly refers to as where “the shadows have all the room.” The candid opinions expressed in this book make it truly deserving of the Western genre, and the work deserves a prominent place on every horse lover’s bookshelf. —Meghan Saar

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