A Horror Story Within a Horror Story Review of Alma Katsu's The Hunger.

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The Hunger by Alma Katsu.

The Hunger (G.P. Putnam & Sons, $27) by Alma Katsu takes the tragic tale of the Donner Party and infuses it with hints of witchcraft, vampirism, lycanthropy, cannibalism and zombiism in a tale that is fated to become the latest Donner Party-inspired horror movie.

The signs were all there: dreams, Indian legends, shadow figures and a trail of corpses. The Donner Party is in for a rough journey in this book, which postulates a virulent infectious disease that transforms many of its victims into ravenous monsters—as if those unfortunate emigrants didn’t have enough trouble.

—Terry A. Del Bene, author of The Donner Party Cookbook

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Terry A. Del Bene

Terry A. Del Bene is a former Bureau of Land Management archaeologist and the author of Donner Party Cookbook and the novel ’Dem Bon’z.