Hostiles? The Lakota Ghost Dance and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Sam A. Maddra, University of Oklahoma Press, $24.95, Hardcover; 800-627-7377.

hostilesNot four months after the bloodshed at Wounded Knee, 75 Lakota Indians—including 23 presumed “hostiles” who had been confined at Fort Sheridan, Illinois—set sail for Britain with William F. Cody’s Wild West show of 1891-92.

“The presence of the Ghost Dancers made this tour by Buffalo Bill’s Wild West unique,” writes Maddra, an American history lecturer at Scotland’s University of Glasgow. Maddra chronicles an overlooked aspect of Cody lore, providing insight into the famous showman, the Lakota Sioux and the world’s fascination with the American West. —Johnny D. Boggs

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