All the World’s a Stage Jack Langrishe was more than an actor and theater owner.

Jack Langrishe true west magazine
Jack Langrishe.

Jack Langrishe was an actor and comedian in the Old West. He set up a theater in Deadwood, DT which also served as a church and hosted the trial of Jack McCall for the murder of Wild Bill Hickok in 1876.  Calamity Jane also appeared at the theater.

Later, Langrishe retired and moved to Idaho in 1885. He served as a justice of the peace and was elected to the first state legislature as a Republican.  In 1892, Langrishe published a newspaper in Wardner, ID, where he died in 1895.

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Mark Boardman

Mark Boardman is the features editor for True West Magazine as well as the editor of The Tombstone Epitaph. He also serves as pastor for Poplar Grove United Methodist Church in Indiana.