Jerry Bywaters: Interpreter of the Southwest (Nonfiction) Edited by Sam DeShong Ratcliffe (Texas A&M University Press, $30), Hardcover.

Edited by Sam DeShong Ratcliffe 
Edited by Sam DeShong Ratcliffe 

This coffee table tome contains the wonderful art work and photographs by the esteemed artist Jerry Bywaters. His work is known throughout the Western art circles as nothing short of brilliant. This book takes readers further into the world of Bywaters—his life, his travels, his style and his work ethic. Rich photos, as well as oil and watercolor paintings, grace the narrative of how Bywaters came to his unique style, later dubbed “Lone Star Regionalism.” Accompanying the text are preliminary sketches, personal papers and notes by Bywaters. The book shares the story of the man behind the art—his brilliance and imagery projected to bring forth the art of the Southwest.

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