Lakota West Review of Mike J. Sparrow's Native.

Lakota West Native True West
Native by Mike J. Sparrow.

Native is the first book in Mike J. Sparrow’s projected “Manifest Destiny” series portraying the westward migration across the Great Plains.

In 1864 the newly minted concept of Manifest Destiny is the over-arching reality connecting migrants, fur trappers, buffalo hunters, soldiers and railroad magnates.  All of them threaten the survival of the peaceful Lakotas, but one Congressman in particular is determined to exterminate the buffalo herds that sustain them.

The story follows Takoda, a young Lakota warrior, as he struggles to survive the brutality of fur trappers and buffalo hunters. A chance encounter with a wagon train of immigrants saves his life.

With the daughter of migrant Ukrainian farmers, he exposes the Congressman’s plot to steal four hundred million dollars in gold, imperiling the Lakotas’ existence in the process.

Lucia St. Clair Robson, author of Ride the Wind

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