Last Buckaroo (Fiction)  Mackey Hedges, Booksurge, $20, Hardcover.

 Mackey Hedges, Booksurge, $20, Hardcover.
 Mackey Hedges, Booksurge, $20, Hardcover.

Tap McCoy, an aging buckaroo, tells about his travels from ranch to ranch as he earns his living the cowboy way. With a keen sense of humor and careful attention to detail, he relives his experiences with bucking horses, pack mules, deadly accidents, ornery bosses, barroom brawls and even some ladies of the night. Tap and his young friend Dean travel across the West in a dilapidated pickup truck. From California feedlots to Arizona’s Apache country, they live a footloose and fancy-free lifestyle most of us only dream about. This memorable book is written by a true storyteller. Cowboy devotees will like it. Guaranteed.

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