Manhunters Review of Robert DeArment's Man-Hunters of the Old West, Vol. 2.

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Man-Hunters of the Old West, Vol. 2 by Review of Robert DeArment.

Robert DeArment’s near 40-year writing career is amazing, and he’s still cranking out new books at the age of 92—and books of quality and substance, to boot. His latest effort is Man-Hunters of the Old West, Vol. 2, (University of Oklahoma Press, $29.95).

These are stories of the famous and unknown lawmen. Pat Garrett, Harry Morse and Bass Reeves are among the former. A bit more obscure are Tom Tobin and Frank Norfleet. Each of these mini-biographies is well researched and well written, as one has come to expect from DeArment.

This is a book for enjoyment and education, interesting and informative and a “must have” for the library.

—Mark Boardman, Features Editor, True West magazine

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Mark Boardman

Mark Boardman is the features editor for True West Magazine as well as the editor of The Tombstone Epitaph. He also serves as pastor for Poplar Grove United Methodist Church in Indiana.