Matt Kimes, Oklahoma Outlaw

matt-kimes-blog1During the 1920s Matt Kimes began his outlaw career as a petty thief and quickly moved up to bank robbery. His first one was in Depew, Oklahoma on June 30th, 1926 just a day after he finished serving a jail term for burglary.

A couple of months later he and his gang robbed another bank in Beggs, Oklahoma and a few days after that in Covington, where they looted two banks in simultaneously. They almost robbed a third one but were foiled because the outside bank clock was a few minutes off from the clocks on other two.

On August 13th, 1926 Kimes took time off from robbing banks to marry a 14-year-old girl named Bertha Bozart.

On August 27Th he killed a deputy in a shootout but surrendered to officers after being wounded. He was given 30 years for killing the deputy.

On November 21th, 1926 six members of the gang helped Matt escape and on January 10th, they robbed another bank in Sulpulpa, Oklahoma.

On May 27th, 1927 Kimes and eleven members of the gang returned to Beggs and looted two banks of $18,000. During their getaway Kimes gunned down a town marshal. The law caught up with him in Flagstaff, Arizona and he was given a life sentence at the state pen at McAlester.

After several years behind bars authorities must have figured Kimes was reformed as he was given a leave in November, 1945. Unable to resist the temptation he robbed a bank in Texas.

Before lawmen could re-capture him Matt Kimes, one of the 1920s most notorious bank robbers and escape artists was run over and killed by a truckload of chickens.

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