Naming Arizona

hope-az-blogArizona is known for its picturesquely whimsical place names. There is a metropolis that didn’t metrop on the Highway 93 between Wickenburg and Kingman named Nothin’. During its heyday the town boasted a population of four and the only business was a saloon called the “Ain’t Much.” The saloonkeeper erected a sign that stated, “The folks in Nothin’ have hope for Nothin; They work for Nothin’; They will do anything for Nothin; and our motto is “All For Nothin’.” The saloon burned in 1979 so there’s nothin’ much left of Nothin.” They did rebuild but this little metropolis failed to metrop.

Down on the road to Ajo is a junction. One road leads to the Mexican border, another goes to Tucson. Locals named it Why sometime around 1965 as a result of tourists who kept asking “Why would anyone live way out here?”

Out in the barren desert in western Arizona where General George Patton trained his Third Army for the invasion of North Africa in 1942 is the community of Hope. With a strong showing of their dry sense of humor the residents erected a sign on the outskirts of town that says, “If You Can Read This Your (sic) Beyond Hope.”

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