The Hero’s Tragedy


Texas Christian University Press continues to be a publishing leader in creative Western fiction, with Gerald Duff’s innovative novel Playing Custer a must-read for anyone who is trying to keep up to date with Custer historiography—fact or fiction. Duff, an award-winning Texas author, who has published 19 books, has created a very Elizabethan/Broadwayesque novel that William Shakespeare and Cole Porter would enjoy, (or maybe more Kiss Me, Kate meets MacBeth) in which 21st century reenactors bring voice to the real 19th century historical figures of George Armstrong Custer, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Marcus Reno and Myles Keogh. In a year that is not an anniversary year of the Battle of Little Big Horn, Duff’s creative, literary fiction add’s another dimension to the iconic and infamous fate of the celebrity general. For more information and the full catalogue of TCU Press, go to

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Stuart Rosebrook

As senior editor of True West Magazine, Stuart Rosebrook oversees all editorial covering Old West travel, firearms and books. He has a Ph.D in U.S. History from Arizona State University, and he owns a multimedia communications business, Quo Vadis Communications, based in Iowa City, Iowa.