Remington in Arizona

Illustration by Bob Boze Bell

In 1888, New York illustrator extraordinaire Frederic Remington accompanied the 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers in Arizona while on assignment for The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine. For two weeks, he traveled from Fort Grant to San Carlos, drawing soldiers and the Apaches. Of the ruling class in the territory he posited: “Youngsters full of enthusiasm, old men full of whiskey.”

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Bob Boze Bell

In 1999, Bob Boze Bell and partners bought True West magazine (published since 1953) and moved the editorial offices to Cave Creek, Arizona. Bell has published and illustrated books on Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, as well as Classic Gunfights, an Old West gunfight book series. His latest books are The 66 Kid and True West Moments.