Return of the Quiet Man

Sir Roger Moore, best known for replacing Sean Connery as secret agent James Bond after George Lazenby failed in his attempt, is no stranger to Westerns, having played the lead in the short-lived 1959-60 ABC series The Alaskans before skipping over to ABC’s Maverick, as Bret and Bart’s British cousin Beau. Now Moore is set to star and executive-produce the romantic comedy Connemara Days, which takes place in Ireland during the filming of John Ford’s 1952 classic The Quiet Man, starring John Wayne.

Stacy Keach may play John Ford, while Brendan Gleeson is penciled in as Victor McLaglen, who originally played Wayne’s nemesis, Squire Danaher. Andrew McLaglen, who directed 1963’s McLintock!, may have a hand in scripting the film.

The story concerns a local girl, Heather O’Dea (Sarah Bolger), who falls in love with one of Ford’s assistant directors, played by Aidan Quinn. So far, no word on who, if anybody, will play Wayne or his costar Maureen O’Hara.

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