Six-Gun Caballero L. Ron Hubbard, (Galaxy Press, $9.95)

If proof were needed that L. Ron Hubbard could handle the Western with the flair of a Louis L’Amour or Zane Grey, this book is it. Young Michael Patrick Obanon lives the good life of a Castilian gentleman on 100,000 acres of Mexican land inherited from a pioneering American father. But the United States’ Gadsden Purchase of 1853 shoves the border far south. With all his Spanish land grants wiped out, Obanon is a trespasser on his own empire. As many of his tenants flee for the safety of the vanished border, Obanon must decisively scatter hordes of wild-eyed settlers, swaggering border scum and murderous rustlers. In a perilous strategy he lures the major gangs into a midnight clash with American cavalry—but he must ride at their head. Six-Gun Caballero also contains a Hubbard biography with photos.

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