The Practical and Spiritual Mores of the High Plains Peoples Review of Michael Gibbs's Spirit Wolf.

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Spirit Wolf: A High Plains Warrior novel by Michael O. Gibbs

Michael Gibbs’s first volume in his “High Plains Warrior” series, Spirit Wolf (CreateSpace, $12.95), plots catastrophic events in the lives of the Wolf Ridge People in the 1700s—the murder of a respected warrior, the banishment of the killer and the exile of the victim’s wife. Their son, Lion Hunter, becomes the charge of Kills in the Dark, a woman living on the margins of society, feared and respected as a shamanic warrior. Led into the wilderness to prepare for manhood, the boy discovers the terrible origins of his mentor’s disfigurements.

The novel reveals in fascinating detail the mores of the High Plains peoples, from the practical to the spiritual, and their bond with the landscape. Gibbs is a tracker/animal behaviorist, and the insights into nature are a revelation.

Robin Knight, poet, essayist and novelist from Brighton, Sussex, England

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