The Story of a Cattle Drive Nelson Story led the first drive from Texas to Montana.

Nelson Story True West
Nelson Story

Nelson Story was already a wealthy man in 1866.  He’d moved to Montana a few years earlier and found gold.  He used some of the riches to start successful businesses.  But the 1866 venture was a gamble—drive 1000 head of cattle more than 1500 miles, from Texas to Montana.

He and 25 drovers successfully finished the trip in December of that year.  He sold some of the beef to miners (at a huge profit), then used the rest as the foundation for his own herd.  It made him another fortune.

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Mark Boardman

Mark Boardman is the features editor for True West Magazine as well as the editor of The Tombstone Epitaph. He also serves as pastor for Poplar Grove United Methodist Church in Indiana.