WANT TO WRITE FOR TRUE WEST? Here's what we look for in a query!

Query Recommendations

We highly recommend that the query you submit along with your proposed manuscript share the following information:

1. How your article will enhance our readers’ understanding of Old West history.

2. How your interpretation of the facts compares to other works that have addressed your topic.

3. The larger significance of when, where and why a certain event or experience occurred.

4. Concrete descriptions you will provide to seamlessly integrate story and context.

5. Any connection your historical focus has to the present day (perhaps through an anniversary or modern-day discovery)


Spec articles can usually take up to three months to receive a response. Please keep that lead time in mind, particularly when wanting to pitch a timely article.

If you have not heard back from us, please send a follow-up e-mail one month after the work has been submitted; please include a copy of the work in question and the date you submitted it via mail. If you still have not heard a response, please contact the Editor via phone (888-687-1881). The Internet does wonders, but e-mails do get lost in transit or deleted as “junk” mail by our Internet provider from time to time; snail mail can also get lost, should our mailing address not be recorded correctly.

If you do phone, please be sure to leave a brief message, stating your name, phone # (please repeat twice), the name of the article you are concerned about and the date you submitted it.

Please do follow up with us! We do not want to miss out on your wonderful story ideas!

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