Tarantino’s “Southern” Western

quentin-tarantino_django-unchained_spaghetti-westernQuentin Tarantino is making good on his long-standing promise to direct a Spaghetti Western.

The script for Django Unchained has been delivered, and Tarantino says the film is as much a “Southern” as a Western. Stylistically, it should have a great deal in common with the Italian Oaters, a genre that he knows inside and out.

Some of the casting appears to be locked: Kevin Costner and Leonardo DiCaprio as bad guys; Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz and the original Django, Franco Nero.

Nero, meantime, claims Tarantino will appear in his Spaghetti Western, The Angel, The Brute and The Wise.  2012 is starting to look interesting.

What do you think?