The Bloody Texans (Fiction) Kent Conwell, Leisure Books, $6.99, Softcover.

Kent Conwell, Leisure Books, $6.99, Softcover.
Kent Conwell, Leisure Books, $6.99, Softcover.

Turbulent times in the newly-birthed Lone Star State won’t stop former Mountain Man and scout Nathan Cooper from building himself a ranch. But when he returns from a cattle hunting trip to his East Texas cabin, he finds his beautiful wife Marie raped and brutally slain by a gang of border scum led by the vicious Frank Selman. Reverting to his former life with the cannibalistic Karankawa tribesmen, Nathan vows to hunt down, kill and scalp each soulless renegade. Suddenly, his vendetta is challenged by the overwhelming Mexican conflict. Joining the Texas Rangers as a skillful scout, Nathan rides through stormy winters and searing summers delivering vital information—forever looking out for the next walking dead man. As the conflict roars on, Nathan’s parfleche war bag grows heavier with his quarry of scalps. But the canny Selman, now leading an enemy guerrilla force, continues to evade Nathan like an unattainable phantom. This crackling narrative will keep readers riding the edge of their chairs till the last page.

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