The Laredo Election Riot

LaredoThe Laredo, Texas (pictured) city election of April 1886 turned violent.  The ruling group called Bota (boots) defeated the Guaraches (sandals) in a close tally.  The Botas had a victory parade to celebrate, and promised to burn a Guarache in effigy.

The Guaraches attacked the parade and an all-out gunfight involving up to 250 men kicked off.  Three army were called in to put an end to the violence. Officially, 16 people died in the Laredo Election Riot, but some estimates say up to 30 were killed and another 45 wounded.

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Mark Boardman

Mark Boardman is the features editor for True West Magazine, a former managing editor for Western Shooting Horse Magazine and the chief purveyor of ScarletMask Enterprises.