The Rebel: Johnny Yuma Andrew J. Fenday, Leisure Books, $5.99, Softcover; 212-725-8811.

the-rebelRiding away from a lost war, Confederate Johnny Yuma has two vows to keep: He must find a dead friend’s sister and rejoin his father, sheriff of Mason City, Texas.

Captured by a demented miner, Yuma is overpowered by the mighty Kiowa Chief Santana. After winning a knock-down knife fight with brutal subchief Iron Hand, Yuma finds the lost sister. But she’s Santana’s adopted daughter and refuses to leave. Things are worse in Mason City. His father is dry-gulched by a murderous outlaw band who has taken over the town. How Yuma stares down Death to win makes for a story crackling with the fury of a desert storm. Readers remembering the classic TV series are in for a double treat. Others will be glad to meet this rebel. (This June, WWA presented the author with its Owen Wister Award for lifetime contribution to Western literature.) —William Garwood

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