The Secret War For Texas Stuart Reid, Texas A&M University Press, $29.95, Hardcover; 800-826-8911.

secretwarfortexasTexans have long vilified James Grant, a Scot with grandiose ambitions of forming the state of northern Mexico. He depleted weapons, munitions and volunteers from their own struggle to create an independent Texas. Reid, utilizing London sources to document the British role in the scenario, provides a new slant on the pros and cons of Grant’s actions.

Mexico did not want to lose neither northern Mexico nor its province of Texas, and British interests in the area were keen on preventing the bold U.S. from advancing to the Pacific to gain an Oriental trade advantage. Grant failed and died for his efforts, but Texas eventually won. The history of this political and military intrigue is well presented and well documented with copious notes. The Secret War for Texas is a valuable literary addition for Texas and Alamo enthusiasts. —Chuck Lewis

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