The U.S. Army in the West, 1870-1880 Douglas C. McChristian, University of Oklahoma Press, $24.95, Softcover; 800-627-7377.

us-army-in-the-westDouglas C. McChristian’s book is a treasure trove of information that prior to its publication could only be obtained in bits and pieces through exhausting and laborious research.

The work is packed with excellent photographs and documentation that cover in minute detail the clothing, leather gear, weapons and personal items that an army soldier used to maintain his existence during the post-Civil War period when military spending was sparse. For serious students, McChristian has provided an exceptional bibliography. This book is one that every curator, historian (amateur as well as academic), period re-enactor (of the Civil War and the Indian Campaigns), student of militaria and artist should have in their personal libraries. —Robert McElroy

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