The Wild West Pop-Up Book Anton Radevsky, Sterling, $24.95, Hardcover; 212-532-7160.

wildwestAGES 5-15: Creating a book which accurately relates the history of “Going West” from Boone to the “Cattle Kingdom” of the 1880s would seem an impossible task. Anton Radevsky has accomplished it in The Wild West Pop-Up Book.

The best features of this outstanding book are not its well written histories of Mountain Men or of the hardships of “Sodbusters” on the plains, but the pop-ups, which will really spur the interest of young readers. Children between 5 and 15 will enjoy these cutouts that bring to life an entire boomtown, including a saloon and hotel. Other paper models include a train, a stagecoach and a cowboy. This book will really capture the interest of children as it gallops through the history of the West. —Fran Strykowski

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