Two-Fisted Texas Ranger Action

Charley-Sundays-Texas-Outfit-by-Stephan-LodgeThis is the sequel to Lodge’s 2004 novel, Charley Sunday’s Texas Outfit. This thriller brings ex-Ranger Sunday’s “outfit” together again in 1900 and to northeastern Mexico to chase down Mexican kidnappers who have Sunday’s daughter and her husband.

His grandson escapes the “bungled” kidnapping, so Sunday now knows who he is after, but he does not know why.

This is a classic chase tale with stumbles, turns, captures and releases, building to a climactic shoot-out at the remote hacienda of a powerful Mexican rancher. The author uses flashbacks and details to flesh out his characters, and has them employ an array of firepower ranging from Walker Colts to Potato Digger machine guns.


—McKendree R. Long III, author of Dog Soldier Moon

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